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The spread of Cornish mining around the globe: South Africa without rugby? Football without the famous Mexican wave? That's how things would be if it wasn't for Cornish mining. Take a trip with mining machinery and manpower... Click here to find out more >

Mining processes: Mining was at its peak between 1820-1870, when there were 400 active mines across Cornwall. The process of extracting through to selling the minerals was complicated, but ever improving. Follow the ore from the rock to the railway... Click here to find out more >

Mining characters and society: From inventors to the Cornish miner, from great mansions to 'Dung Pit Houses'; look into the lives of real Cornish miners... Click here to find out more >

Inventions and technological advances: Pitiful working conditions, loss of life and ever-greater demands for efficiency meant the perfect breeding ground for new ideas and inventions. See how the safety fuse saved hundreds of lives and discover centuries of Cornish innovation... Click here to find out more >

The infrastructure to support mining: At its peak, the Redruth and Chasewater Railway carried almost 60,000 tonnes of material each year. A whole infrastructure was designed to move the minerals around, cater for the workers and keep the industry going. See how mining shaped lives and landscapes... Click here to find out more >

Geology, rocks, minerals: The story of the treasures hidden deep underground and how they changed our lives forever. Minerals like those found in the ground in Cornwall and west Devon end up everywhere – from toothpaste to laptops and sun block to x-ray shields. Click here to find out more >

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