Horses Stood Still - The Lost Letters of Richard Trevithick

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A drama by Simon Parker comprising 25 fictional letters by Richard Trevithick; with

  • Ben Luxon CBE as Richard Trevithick (Cap'n Dick)
  • Dorothy Bricknell as Lizzie
  • Steve Jacobs as the Finder

The lost deathbed letters of Richard Trevithick, Cornish engineer who invented the world’s first road engine, the world’s first rail engine, and perfected high-pressure steam, which resulted in increased prosperity for Cornish mines and improved the conditions of the workforce.

A giant both in stature and intellect, Trevithick’s life was one of true adventure. Away from Cornwall and Great Britain, he travelled in South America for some years, working in Peruvian silver mines and fighting in Simon Bolivar’s revolutionary army. Returning home, he was greeted warmly by working people but was shunned by mine owners, who refused to reimburse him for the savings his inventions had afforded them.

In his 60s, Trevithick moved to London to work for a small engineering firm. He died soon afterwards, in relative poverty.

Horses Stood Still takes the form of a series of letters, written by Trevithick to his daughter in the last days of his life. It is the intention of the author to allow Trevithick to put the record straight about his life, his work and his motivations.

This engaging and often moving dramitisation of Richard Trevithick's life is the result of extensive research by the author, the intention being to convey the history and the facts in a way that is easily digestible to all ages.

Horses Stood Still was recorded in Cornwall and America by Martin Turner and John Sellew.

It was produced by Martin Turner with incidental music by Simon Dobson.

Horses Stood Still is a Cornish Mining World Heritage and Blue Puma Music production.

Listen to an extract from the first of Richard Trevithick's letters, dated 1st January 1833...

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To obtain a CD audio copy of the complete Horses Stood Still, please contact Simon Parker at:

Halwinnick Cottage
PL17 7NS

or by emailing:

The CD is priced £5 (inc. p&p) with cheques made payable to Scryfa.