Red-Hot Industrial Heritage in Hayle!

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Congratulations to the pupils from Bodriggy Academy, St Erth School and Hayle Community School and the people of Hayle for a fantastic evening of red-hot industrial heritage on Wednesday 25th March.

Commissioned by the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site and staged by the GoldenTree Rags to Riches team, the community celebration of its smelting, metal working and explosives manufacturing industries required pupils to research the real lives and stories of the people involved.

As part of this, the pupils visited Geevor Tin Mine, went underground, and learned about the heat and danger of smelting, casting and explosives. A visit to the Terrill Bros’ working foundry in the town also provided the opportunity for some to try casting objects from tin, while others created artworks, composed ballads and learned songs.

The event on Wednesday provided the opportunity for all this work to be shared, with the evening culminating in the dramatic ‘Ring of Fire’. Here the casting of the famous 144 inch steam pumping engine cylinder by Harvey’s Foundry, in 1844 for the Haarlemmermeer in Holland, was celebrated.

Many thanks to the GoldenTree Rags to Riches team and everyone involved for making this a truly memorable event!

To find out more about Rags to Riches, please see the GoldenTree website and the previous Cornish Mining news piece here.

The dramatic 'Ring of Fire' - celebrating the rich industrial heritage of Hayle as part of the World Heritage Site sponsored Rags to Riches event, delivered by GoldenTree Productions